How to clean a Ninja Coffee Maker:Cleaning Guide

how to clean a ninja coffee maker

Some of you bought ninja’s coffee maker and didn’t or Forget to read the cleaning method provided by ninja. So for all of those who want to know how to clean a ninja coffee maker can go through this guide.

Why Does cleaning Or Descaling is Necessary?

Cleaning or descaling is an important part of maintenance. By maintaining your brewer you can make its life longer and you can use it on its 100%. Also by the time hard water and coffee remain causes to build up calcium in the machine, and coffee remains can also ruin your fresh coffee taste. That’s why cleaning and descaling your Ninja brewer is important.

How Does the cleaning of Ninja Coffee Maker take place?

Cleaning or descaling of ninja coffee maker takes place in 8 simple steps which I am mentioning below.

Step#1 Clean When Clean light illuminates

When Ever Clean buttons light illuminates so it’s time to clean your brewer. The clean button located at the lower right of your brewer. The clean button light doesn’t stopping you to brew it is just a call to clean your ninja brewer.

How to Clean a Ninja Coffee Maker

Step#2 Pour Descaling Solution or Vinegar with Water into the reservoir

You can use Ninja descaling solution which can help to remove calcium remains from your machine. It can clean your machine and help in the improvement of machine performance and coffee taste. You can check the direction of use on the descaling solution bottle you are using and check the exact amount of how much solution to use. You can also use white Vinegar instead of descaling solution it is much cheaper and mostly available at home. Pour vinegar into the water reservoir up to travel mug line or about 16 ounces. Fill the rest of the water reservoir with water up to the max fill line.
(Only use white vinegar didn’t use any other type of vinegar and didn’t pour the water over the max fill line)

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How to Clean a Ninja Coffee Maker

Step#3 Select a full-size brew and put the carafe

Select a full carafe size brew. To do this, Turn the dial selecting brew size to the full carafe size. Then, put your carafe under the brew basket.

How to Clean a Ninja Coffee Maker

Step#4 Press the clean button

After, putting carafe under the brew basket. Press the clean button and the cleaning process starts taking place and the countdown of the cleaning cycle starts on the display. The cleaning cycle takes up to 1 hour times vary on the model of ninja you are using.
(Didn’t press any button when cleaning cycle taking place maybe it affect your unit)

cleaning a ninja coffee maker

Step#5 Empty the carafe

When the clean cycles complete the flush sign will appear. Empty your carafe pour all the liquid in to sink.
(be careful water is as hot as hot brewed coffee)

cleaning a ninja brewer

Step#6 Clean button light turn off

After the clean cycle complete check the clean button light goes off. But the cleaning process doesn’t.

Step#7 Refill Reservoir with water

After Flushing takes place. Refill your reservoir with only water till max line. Place your carafe under the brew basket, Select a full-size brew, and press the clean button.
(This one is for cleaning and descaling the remains of white vinegar or descaling solution)

Cleaning a keurig brewer

Step#8 Empty The carafe once again

Once the clean cycle takes place nearly this time it takes 8 minutes. Flush the carafe in the sink.
(repeat step#7 and step#8 one or two more times to descale white vinegar and descaling solution properly)

Hope so you guys guided me well about how to clean a ninja coffee maker. happy cleaning!

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I am also sharing a video of cleaning a ninja coffee maker for your help!.

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