How to Make an Espresso Machine Coffee: Step by Step

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Do you know how to make a perfect Espresso machine coffee? Do you want to know more about this simple procedure? Well, read this piece to find out.

How to Make an Espresso Machine CoffeeKnowing how to make perfect espresso at home is more than owning the greatest and latest espresso machine out there. We all love espresso so much. We can drink it every day. But some espresso sold at the coffee shop can be expensive. The good news is that it’s possible to make your quality espresso at the comfort of your home. Know the differences between coffee and espresso before you make.

Step by Step guide to make an Espresso machine coffee

Before making an espresso machine coffee, it’s vital to know the difference between an espresso and a coffee. Espresso is finely ground but not to the extent of being in a powdery form. But it’s close to that. When you want to make a perfect espresso, you’ll require some fresh beans and a grinder. An espresso machine will also be required. You only need to ensure that you have a high-quality espresso machine because not all machines will help you make a perfect coffee.

In this piece, we aren’t so much onto looking for the best espresso machine; we want to learn how to make an espresso machine coffee, right? Well, I’m going to make everything easy for you. I’ll explain this in three parts under the following perspective;

  • Choosing and grinding espresso
  • Get your machine and portafilter ready
  • Pulling the espresso

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Part A:Choosing and grinding espresso

 Choose the roast

There are several levels of the roast. You need to choose the one that will work for you. Remember that you might choose a roast with various purposes. Also it depends on person to person. For instance, if you love instant drinking of espresso, you may want single-origin beans for roasted.

When choosing the roast coffee and taste, there are some things you need to put into consideration. You’ll have to consider the origin and the roast level. Coffee roasts come in three levels.


  • Light roast – You can choose light roast if you love sour taste.
  • Medium roast – This is known for its unique flavor preservation.
  • Dark roast – If the bittersweet taste is your thing, then go for this one.


When choosing the blend origin or the single origin, select the single origin if you love black coffee. If you opt for the blended origin, you’ll have to add some milk or cream.

Type of Espresso Coffee Roast


Purchase your beans
You should be careful when buying your beans. If you buy them at any coffee shop, ask the dealers when the beans were roasted. You should buy fresh beans because buying the ones roasted in a day or two contains carbon dioxide that can affect you. The best beans are the ones that were roasted within 5-12 days earlier. If you buy them from a store, confirm roast date from the label on the bag.

Grind the espresso

What do you use to grind the beans? Well, you can use a high-quality burr grinder to grind enough beans. It does an excellent job than when you use a cheap metal blade. An espresso machine has some settings that help you to grind beans as fine as granulated sugar. What happens if you beans that are coarsely grounded, the water will run over them faster and the coffee flavor will not develop. Again, if they’re too fine, you’ll have a bitter espresso. If you lack a grinder, you can ask your local coffee shop to do the grinding for you.

Store any unused espresso

We’ve said that you grind enough espresso. But what happens if the espresso remains? Do you throw them away? Well, if there is extra espresso, you can store them In a cool and dry place. You only need to ensure that you don’t store them for a long time. Avoid using freezer or the refrigerator for storing purposes. You can introduce moisture that can damage the beans.

Part B: Get your portafilter and machine ready

Heat the machine

Turn your machine on for about 15-30 minute before using it. This helps the machine to heat up. Ensure your machine is connected to the water source and if it isn’t connected, pour some water in the tank and make sure that the portafilter is included. Turn on the machine to pull water through the brew into the shot glass or the espresso cup. Ensure that you read the instruction manual before you get started. This will help you to learn the specs of the machine you’re using.

Fill the tank with water

If you don’t connect the machine to a water source, you’ll be required to fill it with water. Water should be clean and filtered. The water must be heat between 92-96 degrees. Do you know why? Well, it helps you extract all the flavor of the espresso. Don’t use tap water since it can block the machine in the future. It also makes you descale the machine many times.

Get rid of the portafilter and place it on the scale

Take your portafilter off the machine. Clean and dry it with a cloth. Take care because the portafilter can be too hot. If you’re a dosing newbie, you’ll need to position the portafilter on the scale and remember to adjust it until it registers a zero.

Measure the espresso

If you’re making a single 30ml shot, you can use 7 grams of the beans. You can use a dry portafilter to help you out. If you want to prepare a double shot, you can use 14-18 grams of beans. If you want to know if you’re using the right measurements, you can confirm using the digital scale.

Tamp the machine in the portafilter

A tamp is used to package the ground and place them into the portafilter. It let the water to move through the machine easily. If you don’t know how to tamp, you can hold the handle and turn the arm so that elbow is at an angle of 90-degrees. Ensure that the portafilter is on a level area and push it downward. It must be lightly done so that you can exert a pressure of 30 pounds on the coffee.

Part C: Pulling the Espresso machine

Put the portafilter on the brew head

Set on the brew head for some seconds. This helps to rinse the remaining ground from the previous brew. When your portafilter is tamped and packed, you’ll need to insert it in the brew head. Don’t fill it or let it sit with the packed espresso. Remember, portafilter is hot and allowing the espresso to rest on it can actually burn which will result in a sour taste.

Begin to pull the espresso machine range
Turn the machine on immediately and start the shooting process. Then, put a warm espresso glass or cup. You can also use a timer. A timer helps you to know the time it takes to see the espresso drip on the cup. When it starts to appear, it looks thick and creamy. Remember not to place the portafilter in the brew and think that you’ll extract espresso from it. What happens is that the grounds heats up when they touch with the brew head.

Close the shot

If you want to extract a single shot, you’ll actually stop the shot when you’ve brewed for about 20 seconds. If it’s a double shot, you’ll require more seconds which will range between 20-30 seconds. Depending on the volume you want, stop the machine until the shot turns blonde. Basically, a single shot is about 30ml (1 ounce) while a double shot is about 60-75ml (2.5 ounces).

Serve and clean the machine

This is the last step and when you’re done, put it on a small plate immediately serve it. You’ll also want to get rid of the portafilter and pour the moist grounds. The portafilter should be kept clean and dry. You’ll clean the brewing head with running water for some few seconds. You can serve the espresso with biscuits or chocolate. You can still use it in cappuccino, latte, or flavored coffee drinks.

Which espresso machine should you use?

Well, there are many types of an espresso machine and choosing the right one will depend on the specs you consider crucial. If you want to follow every step in this guide, then using a manual version is an excellent option.

If you want a machine that allows you to relax and enjoy an espresso coffee without much hassle, you can use a super automatic or semi-automatic espresso machine. Your budget will be the determinant. Super or semi-automatic machines are a bit expensive, but they’ll do a good job. They’re basically large, therefore, evaluate the available space before buying one.

Our recommendation on the best espresso machine to use is the express Breville BES870XL Barista and Gaggia Classic. They’re both awesome and outstanding coffee.

Hopefully, you’re now equipped with a step by step guide on how to make an Espresso machine coffee. If you have any question, feel free to comment below, and we will get back you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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