Folgers vs. Maxwell House: Which Coffee Brand Reigns Supreme?

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You’ve probably heard of the Folgers vs. Maxwell house coffee rivalry if you’ve ever browsed around for a good coffee at a reasonable price. Both of these brands have an extremely long history of being in business. In addition to that, they guarantee and serve excellent coffee! Nevertheless, which of the two options is preferable?

Both Maxwell and Folgers are well-known names in the coffee industry, and both are noted for the excellent coffee that they produce. Lately, it would appear that Folgers has overtaken Maxwell in terms of popularity. Nevertheless, this does not automatically make it a better option. The real question is, which of these two brands of coffee is actually considered to be the superior option, and why?

Differences between Folgers and Maxwell House coffee

The following are some of the distinctions that may be made between Folgers and Maxwell House coffee.

Raw material

While Maxwell House uses 100% Arabica beans, Folgers also uses Robusta beans in their products.

Flavor profile

The Maxwell House brand – According to our previous findings, the flavor of this coffee is enhanced significantly when it is roasted to a medium-dark degree rather than a lighter or dark level. It has a creaminess and savory undertone that is evocative of dark chocolate, and it even has some in it.

Folgers coffee has a medium-dark roast and is similar to Maxwell House in that regard. 


One cup of Maxwell House Original (24 oz. box) contains 140mg of caffeine, which is approximately the same dose of caffeine that you’ll find in 2 cups of Folgers House Blend. 

Taste, aroma, and strength

According to a taste test conducted by, Maxwell House was described as having a ‘classic coffee flavor’ with a ‘nutty aroma and slightly bitter aftertaste’, while Folgers was described as having a ‘sweet and mild’ flavor with ‘low acidity’.

Origin of the coffee beans used in each brand

Maxwell House sources their coffee beans from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, while Folgers sources their beans from various countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Vietnam, according to their respective websites.



You can buy a box of Folgers coffee at your Walmart or any retail store for about $5 and $10, depending on the kind of roast you choose and the region in which you live, despite the fact that it is widely regarded as one of the most premium coffee brands currently on the market.

Maxwell House coffee indeed is one of the most flavorful and high-quality coffees that can be purchased on the market today. Maxwell House is perfect for incorporating into your morning routine because it tastes crisp and clean and has a sense of delicacy to it. If you are interested in trying out this brand, you may locate all Maxwell House items at the Walmart that is most convenient for you.


Both Maxwell House and Folgers coffees, if stored safely in a cold, dark environment, have the potential to remain in excellent condition for at least six months, and possibly even longer. 


Maxwell House vs Folgers: The amount of ground coffee needed to make either of these beverages is the same. If you prefer your coffee cold or warm, Maxwell House coffee will ensure that both you and your beverage are completely satisfied. On the other hand, if you’re searching for something that has a stronger body or stronger flavor, we suggest opting for Folgers Coffee.

Which is better in terms of taste and cost?

Coffee of either brand will provide the same level of satisfaction in relation to the cost. 

Yet, Maxwell coffee has a distinctively sweet and rich taste. This coffee is truly worth its weight in gold. The taste is just as the smell is strong, silky, and complete, with just a trace of sweetness that could be cocoa or berries. It has a really pleasant texture. It leaves behind a pleasant flavor that lingers for a considerable amount of time. The beans have a light brown color and an extremely appealing look, with coils that are well-delineated.

One of the best coffee brands available, Maxwell House coffee features a roast that can range anywhere from mild to dark. The flavor is rich and savory, and it has undertones that are smoky, rough, and spicy; this creates a taste and texture that is deliciously unusual. The beans are fresh, incredibly aromatic, and available in a color that ranges from very light brown to very dark brown with a tinge of crimson. The aroma is mouthwateringly potent, and there are hints of cocoa in there somewhere. 

Final remarks

To answer your question, which brand of coffee is superior, Maxwell House or Folgers? Overall, both Maxwell House and Folgers have certain benefits that put them above the competition in certain areas. Folgers have a distinctively unique flavor and aroma however customers tend to compare taste, aroma, and pricing. Folgers is merely pre-ground coffee, and it always seems to have sat about for much too long.

Folgers lacks the tinge of newness that other brands have.  Although, Folgers is the best-selling brand of coffee in the United States. Its fame can be contributed to its fantastic job at marketing. 

While we love Folgers coffee, Maxwell House comes out on top as the beverage with the highest amount of caffeine content. When it comes to flavor, Maxwell House takes the cake in taste.

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