Coffee Maker: Buying Guide

Buying a coffee Maker or any new gadget is not a big job. But, making your purchase decision worthy or getting a product which fulfills all your requirement is a little bit tuff job.

To make your Tuff job easy here we are with the coffee maker buying guide which may help you. Here in this guide, you will see a budget-wise coffee machine buying guide. So, you can select your budget and take a look at a guide just for you. This a general coffee maker buying guide for beginners.

Before heading towards buying guide here we discuss coffee maker.

Coffee Makers

A coffee maker is a gadget that makes you coffee. You just have to insert water, and coffee beans and just set a brew mode and let the machine make you a coffee. Because nowadays time is the most important thing, to secure your time we need this type of gadget.

Some people need a cup of coffee to get up in the morning and some have an addiction to coffee. For those not only a cup of coffee matter the taste and joy of coffee also matter.

To get the best out of coffee beans you need the best coffee maker for which you are required to follow our buying guide till the end.

Type of Coffee Makers:

There are several types of coffee makers but we only discuss the most common coffee maker so you didn’t get confused. These three are the Most common coffee makers available in the market and they are the most used coffee makers. Although, there are also some other types of coffee makers are available. But, to keep it simple to you we are mentioning only these.

1. Drip Coffee Maker

Coffee maker buying guide

The Drip coffee maker works like that. first, it heats the water to boiling temperature or near boiling temperature then this hot water goes through the coffee grounds then goes through the filter, and then into a carafe.

Drip coffee makers are affordable, reliable, and easy to use. Some drip coffee makers come with a warming plate which helps the coffee to maintain the high temperature. Drip coffee makers can brew coffee in different sizes. But sometimes they are time-consuming because they take 4 to 5 min to brew a single cup.

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2. Pod Coffee Brewer

Coffee maker buying guide

A pod coffee maker usually is a single-serve coffee maker. The pod coffee maker required water in its tank and a coffee pod and then let it brew a cup of coffee. It can only brew you a single cup. Its plus point is it consumes less time maybe 1 minute or just like that to brew you a coffee. pod coffee brewer is reliable, easy to use, and also affordable.

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3. Espresso Machine

The Espresso coffee machine is a coffee machine that makes pressurized coffee. Espresso coffee has a unique taste. It also required frother milk. The espresso machine is a little bit technical to use, expensive, and labor-intensive. its usually brewing size is the large carafe.
In the market, there is also multi-purpose brewer available which can brew you hot or cold coffee like that there is more coffee maker with multi brewing features are available.

Things to Consider before buying a coffee maker

Buying a coffee maker for your own. So first Consider your preferences and choice and Know why you want a coffee? and what problems you want to conquer?. Here are some things you have to consider before buying a coffee maker. Stick with this coffee maker buying guide to get to know more.

1. What type of coffee do you like?

First, you have to figure out what type of coffee you like to drink. What coffee do you order when you go to a coffee shop or what type of coffee you are dying for? As some people like cappuccinos, lattes, some like a strong cup of coffee and e.t.c.

Buy a coffee maker that is specially designed to brew your desired coffee.

2. Quantity/Brewing Size

You have to know how many people in your house are coffee enthusiasts and what quantity of coffee is perfect to fulfill your family’s requirements. If you are the one who only drinks the coffee in the family so get yourself a single cup pod coffee maker it is perfect for one person.

But, if there are more people in your family who like to drink coffee so get a 4-10 cups carafe brewer. Always get a drip coffee maker for multiple cups of coffee because pods become expensive when you use pods to brew multiple cups a day.

3. Convenience/Ease of use

You Know yourself better than anyone. If you are the one who needs a coffee just after getting up from the bed. So it is not good to use a complicated brewer or waiting for your coffee for long just after getting up from the bed. As well using a complicated brewer is not suitable at any time of the day.

So I will suggest you get a brewer that is easy to use and have quick brewing technology. K-Cups or pods coffee maker is very easy to use just insert a pod and start your brewing with a press of a button.

4. Size/Dimensions

Size and Dimensions are also an important factor to consider when buying a coffee maker that can easily fit on your kitchen’s countertops. First, measure your countertop then start searching for a brewer that can easily fit on that place.

5. Extra Features

The coffee makers come from multiple different companies. Every company and manufacture added some extra frills and features to their brewer to look different. But, you only have to choose a brewer which features make your cup of coffee easy and extraordinary.

Here I am mentioning some of the common and mostly find features in coffee makers.

Auto On/Off

Auto On/Off features make your brewer turn off after some time of your last brew. Also makes your brewer energy efficient and helps you to saves energy.

Warming Plate

The warming plate keeps your coffee at a perfect temperature and not let it gets cold before you take a sip of it.

Water Reservoir

A water reservoir with a large capacity is good to brew multiple coffee cups without refilling your reservoir. Also, some water reservoirs are removable so they are easy to refill.

Milk Frother

A frother makes you milk froth which is for cappuccinos and lattes. Most of the brewer with lattes and cappuccino option comes with the built-in frother.


Budget is the most important factor in buying anything. Same in the coffee maker first you have to decide your budget. Getting a perfect tasting and quality Coffee maker didn’t require spending more on it, If you spend more on a coffee maker you just get more brewing styles, features, and some extra frills.

Here I have categorized the budget into three different categories Tight Budget, Mid-Range budget, High-End Budget, and also mention what preferences you will get at that specific budget brewer.

Tight Budget

In the market, coffee makers are available in every budget category. If you have a tight budget(Under 100$). In this budget, you will get a reliable brand brewer like Keurig, Cuisinart, black and decker with a perfect brewing quality.

Brewing Size

In this budget, there are several brewing sizes available like you can get the best single-serve coffee maker that can brew you the best K-Cup pods or a 12 cups brewer that can brew you a full carafe.

Brewing Styles/flavors

Maybe you have to compromise on the brewing flavor/styles. Most single-serve brewer in this category uses the K-Cups pods. You can brew different flavors of coffee using Pods but you cannot brew multiple drinks like tea, over ice, cappuccinos, specialty coffee e.t.c. In this budget getting a Pod coffee maker is the right choice.


What will you get in the features list? First, You will get basics features like the Auto On/Off feature, Water reservoir, Quick brewing, and Descaling feature. These basics features are included in most of the brewer of this category. But You have to compromise on some extra features and frills. but due to limited features, these brewers have the advantage that they are easy to use.

Brewing Quality

Getting a coffee maker on a limited budget didn’t bond you to buy a cheap quality brewer. With this budget, you will easily get the branded coffee maker but with limited features and you didn’t have to compromise on your cup of coffee.

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Mid-Range Budget

If you are going with a mid-budget like Under 200$. So, in this case, it goes the same like the more you pay more you get. The basic feature of Low and mid-budget are the same just you get some extra features and frills in it.

Brewing Size

The coffee maker which brews multiple sizes is available in the market in this budget category. The size you will get in this category is 6, 8, 10, or 12oz for a single cup, half carafe, or full carafe, and a travel mug or a full-size travel mug can be brewed in this category. Also if your luck is good enough so you are also able to find a 2-Way brewer(which has two separate brewing systems for both single-serve and full carafe and can be brew both at the same time) in this range.

Brewing flavors/Style

As I told you above that the more you pay more you get. So, if you pay more for a coffee maker you will get multiple brewing styles and flavors, you can be able to brew tea, specialty coffee, cappuccinos, hot coca, over iced and etc. depending upon which brand (manufacturer of the coffee maker) you are selecting and what brewing styles they are offering.

In this budget category, you will see some Pods coffee makers, and also you will see Drip coffee makers.


the features in this budget, you will get are some basics feature like an auto On/Off feature, Removable Water Reservoir, Quick brewing, and Descaling feature. More you can get is a warming plate, milk frother, and some extras frills that vary from brand to brand.

Brewing Quality

As I said you didn’t have to worry about brewing quality when you are selecting a branded coffee maker(just make sure to check its review on our site). Surely, you will get the perfect brewing quality and temperature with all the brewing styles and flavors they are offering in this category brewer.

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High-end Range

Getting a brewer which will fulfill all your requirement is only available in the high-end range(above 200$). In this range, you will get more or less everything just you have to research a little bit about the coffee makers in the market available in this budget.

Brewing Size

in this budget category, You will get all the brewing sizes available and you will also get a one specific size brewer but the specialty of it is that the brewer will give you a full outcome of that one specific size, mostly these types of brewer are commercial brewer.

Brewing flavor/styles

What you will expect from a high-end brewer? that it can fulfill all your requirement or just the brewing flavor and styles requirement. So this category of brewer will definitely offer you the latest flavors and brewing styles available in the market like Coffee, tea, specialty drinks, over iced coffee, hot chocolate, and much more. Also, you will be able to get an espresso machine in this budget. The brewing types in this range you will get are Pods, drip coffee maker, and espresso the highlight of this category.


This budget category offers more or less every feature. Like you will get that basic one first Auto On/Off feature, Water reservoir, Quick brewing, milk frother, warming plate, and Descaling feature. Then you will have some advanced features like a touch screen and e.t.c. In a coffee maker, the different features are offered by the different brands.

Brewing Quality

This is not a suitable question in the high-end category what about the brewing quality of the brewer of high-end budget? definitely, you will get the return of the money you spend on it. So you will get the best perfect taste and brewing temperature in this budget category.

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In the end, I would like to add some more words. This is a lite and a common coffee maker buying guide for those people who are very new to coffee makers. In this buying guide, I have covered the main features of every category brewer and try to give a touch to every type of brewer. before buying brewer in any of category do check are a website for the best reviews. When writing the guide I have to go through different brands coffee makers and keep their features and specifications in the mind. If I forget to mention something so I am very sorry for it and open for the correction.

We are looking forward to you informing us of what to write next. Tell us about the specific type of coffee maker buying guide you want us to write and keep stick with us to get updated about the coffee makers. Hope so you like this buying guide, get educated about this, and then make your buying decision worthy.