Keurig K-Cafe special edition Review

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If you are a coffee lover so you are well known for the Keurig brand. Keurig is one of the top brands in the coffee makers industry. Keurig’s product quality is enough to satisfy its customer. Keurig has many products in the market so it is quite possible you get confused while selecting one. For your ease here we are with the Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition Review. Which will surely assist you in making your decision.

Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition

Keurig K-cafe special edition

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Keurig K-Cafe special edition is here to fulfill your multiple coffee requirement. It is a single-serve coffee brewer. Which can brew your hot and iced coffee, latte, and cappuccino. It is a smart and modern machine with simple button controls. It also gives you a premium look with nickel colored finishing and a Metal handle and drip tray.

Features And Specification

Let, First we discuss Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition Features and its specification.

Brewing Options

Keurig K-Cafe special editionKeurig k-cafe special edition has multiple brewing options. It can brew your hot and iced coffee, latte, and cappuccino. It also has a strong brew button which helps you to brew strong and concentrated coffee. You can also brew coffee shots using any K-Cup pods.

4 Cup Sizes

It has 4 brewing Cup sizes you can select your desired size from 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces. You can brew a perfect size cup in Keurig K-Cafe special edition.

Simple Button Controls

Mostly the advantage of Keurig brewer is they are easy to use. The same goes with the K-Cafe it has simple button control which makes it easy to use. Just you have to insert a K-Cup pod and select your desired brew and brewing size from the button control.

Water Reservoir

Keurig k-Cafe special edition

It has a large 60 Ounce water reservoir which allows you to brew 6 cups in a single refill. Which helps you in saving your time and simplifying your mourning routine of coffee. The water reservoir is also removable which makes it easy to refill and clean.

Travel Mug Friendly

You can also brew coffee directly into your travel mug. K-cafe special edition is also a travel mug friendly machine. you can easily accommodate a 7.2 inches tall travel mug in K-cafe.

Dish Washer Safe Milk Frother

keurig k-cafe special edition review

Keurig K-Cafe special edition comes with a built-in milk frother which helps in the making of latte and cappuccino. Milk Frother is also dishwasher safe so you can easily clean and wash your milk frother with your dishwasher.

Smart and Efficient

Keurig K-Cafe special edition has some smart features as well just like it has a smart start feature that heats your coffee maker before selecting your cup size it will definitely help in saving time. this brewer is also energy efficient it has a programmable auto-off feature that turns your brewer off after 2 hours of your last brew which is also good for energy saving.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance is an important part of any brewer. The life of a brewer is depended upon its cleaning and maintenance. Keurig K-Cafe special edition has brewer Maintainance reminder which reminds you to descale your brewer when needed. Its cleaning is easy you just have to brew maximum size with water. So, it descales all of the coffee waste from the brewer.

Brew Quality

As a Keurig product, the brew quality is not an issue. Definitely, it will brew you a great-tasting cup of coffee. The variety of brewing option it has for sure it will not disappoint you with the taste you want. Keurig K-Cafe can also brew you a strong coffee. It also has an option of brew a coffee shot using any k-cups pods which is strong and concentrated coffee. Espresso K-Cups pods are perfect for making shots.

Build Quality

keurig k cafe

Build quality of the Keurig K-Cafe special edition is very good. As all of you know it is a special edition so it has something special. So its specialty is in the build it has a premium nickel colored finish and has some metal parts like a handle and drip tray. This will definitely give your kitchen a premium look. If we talk about its dimensions it is 12.5 inches tall and 16.7 when open for pod it is 12.5 inches wide. Most of its part is made up of plastic but its finishing is good and also have some metal parts.

My Verdict / Review

Keurig K-Cafe special edition is the latest brewer innovation from Keurig. It is a premium single-serve coffee brewer. As mention above it have multiple features and its build quality is awesome which makes it a value for money product. Keurig k-Cafe comes with some extraordinary options like the Shot option which makes you 2oz highly concentrated and intense coffee. It also has a milk frother option which makes milk frother easy. All of these features have positive feedback and these features are quite useful too. The coffee temperature is all good its brews hot coffee at the perfect temperature. This Keurig Brewer is perfect for those who are looking for something beautiful and premium for their kitchen.

Keurig k-Cafe special edition has some electrical issue which was reported by multiple customers. Keurig working on it to resolve the issue. Hope to see the good in upcoming models. There is a little problem with frother which is reported by some people but that not a machine fault. Its a something about how to use frother some people reported this issue says after we use the lid in frother which was included in the box the issue is resolved and they start getting thick milk foam.

Pros and Cons

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Who Should buy Keurig k-Cafe Special edition?

The one who is looking for a premium single-serve coffee maker to go good with its kitchen can buy Keurig K-Cafe special edition. Also, those who want to enjoy a great cup of coffee shots, cappuccino, and lattes can buy this.

what type of pods is compatible with Keurig k-Cafe?

Keurig K-Cafe brews K-cups pods it does not brew K-Carafe pods, K-Mug, Vue pods, or Rivo pods. But you can also use K-Cup universal reusable coffee filter.

Does it worth buying?

Keurig k-Cafe special edition has a more positive rating than negative. So for sure, it has something good. As its feature and build quality are awesome and premium so definitely it is worth buying product.

What is the maximum size cup you can use in it?

By removing its drip tray you can fit up to 7.2 inches cup or a travel mug in it.


In the end, I would mention that Keurig is doing great with their brewer and also innovating their brewer. Keurig k-Cafe special edition is here for review because it has some hype in the market and peoples want to know about its performance and build quality. Keurig k-cafe special edition review is here so you can get help from it. Hope so this article will help you in making your decision worthy and easy. It is hard to find the best brewer for yourself but we are trying our best to make it easy.

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