The Definitive Guide to Coffee Creamer – Follow 3 Step

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How to make perfect coffee creamer at home or  your coffee cafe? Are you aware that there are several types of creams to use in your cup of coffee? Well, in this piece, I’ll provide detailed information about coffee creamers. Continue reading to find out.

All coffee lovers like their coffee different. You’ll find people loving a black coffee while others a white coffee. For the white coffee lovers, they usually add a bit of cream and other flavors but do they know the best cream to use? Actually, if you’re reading this, you must be of one those that use cream in their coffee, right? Adding cream to your cup of coffee is vital but which type is the best?

The Definitive Guide to coffee creamer

Types of coffee creamers

There is a countless supply of dairy and non-dairy coffee creamers that you can use to boost the flavor of your coffee. With many options available, choosing the best creamer can be a daunting task. In this piece, we will get to familiarize ourselves on the various creamer options available for coffee. This will make it easy for you to select the best creamer.

Is cream nutritious?

Basically, when you add cream or milk to your coffee, you should remember that you’re changing the nutrition content. It doesn’t matter if you’re adding a little cream or milk. The fact of the matter is that you’re increasing the calorie content on your coffee.

If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re using cream to your coffee, you’ll be doing the opposite. The cream has a lot of fat in it that’s why it’s thick. It makes your coffee taste rich. Basically, each type of milk will vary in the calorie content. It’s OK to enjoy a cup of coffee with milk or cream, but keep in mind that you take the right amount especially if you’re trying to lose some pounds.

How to Make Coffee Creamer with Milk

Milk and coffee

Milk in a cup of coffee looks nice. Not many people will love a plain cup of coffee without milk. Actually, Forrest Gump recommended that adding a little milk to a cup of coffee will facilitate to having a healthy morning.

Type of milk

Many people consider the cow milk as the only option to their coffee, but there are other milk alternatives to choose from.

– Cow Milk
The milk derived from the cow is organic milk. It’s the most commonly used in coffee. It alters the thickness of the coffee and will enhance its sweetness to give your morning a fresh start. How milk affects the thickness and the taste of your coffee depends on the percentage of fat in the cow, how the cow was raised, and the freshness of the milk.

– Goat milk
This milk is ideal for those who are lactose intolerant. It’s digested easily compared to cow’s milk. Goat milk offers an earthy taste to your coffee unlike the sweetness taste offered by the cow milk.

Buffalo milk
Not many people have tried this type of milk. Actually, buffalo milk is not widely used. It’s not easy to get, and if you get it, it will turn your cup of coffee into a real treat. What do I mean? Well, buffalo milk is the fattiest. It will add a creamy texture, a sweet and tangy flavor and definitely it’s worth a try.

Milk fat

Do you know that milk contains fat? The fat in the milk can influence the taste and the texture of your coffee.

Whole milk – If you order milk in the coffee shop, a barista will serve you whole milk unless you request for a particular type of milk. It’s somehow thick between 3.25 to 4% fat content. It’s a type of milk that will make your coffee creamer and sweeter than other milk options.

Reduced-fat milk – As the name suggests, this is a type of milk with reduced fat content. Fat ranges from 1-2% although there is milk with low-fat content of up to 0.5%. It’s a type that balances both sweetness and thickness in your coffee.

– Skim milk – If you’re looking for fat-free milk, then this is the healthiest to choose from. It’s much sweeter than others. Alternatively, if you’re looking for the one with a creamy texture, then this is not the right option.


Basically, if you’re not concerned about adding weight, the cream is the best ingredient to add to your cup of coffee. Just like the milk, the amount of cream you add will significantly change the taste and the thickness of your coffee. So what are the types of cream you can include in your coffee?

– Half and half – This refers to half cream and half milk. It’s one of the common cream used in the US. It contains up to 12% fat content. If you’re looking for a balanced sweetness and thickness, then half and half is the right option.

– Light cream – If you try whole milk or half and half option and still find it’s not up to the standard, you can use the light cream to adjust the level of fat content in the coffee. Light cream contains about 20% fat content, but this is lower compared to other heavier options.

– Light whipping cream – This is one of the heavier creams we have around. Light whipping cream contains around 30% fat making it heavier than light cream.

– Whipping cream – This is another thicker cream we have around. It contains up to 35% milk fat content making your coffee thicker and creamier.

– Heavy cream – As you can guess, this is the thickest and heaviest cream we have around. It contains around 38% fat making it the thickest choice. If you use too much of it, you can alter the taste of your coffee.

How to make a homemade coffee creamer

Many people like adding coffee creamer to their cup of coffee. If you ask them where they got it, they’d actually tell you where they bought. But do you know that it’s pretty easy to make your coffee creamer? Well, don’t be surprised because preparing your coffee creamer is much easier than you can ever imagine.

The first thing to get started is to gather all the ingredients. The ingredients you use will determine the final results. All creamer start with a milk base such as half and half, milk, almond milk, etc. It’s up to you to decide on the type of milk to use.


1. Grab a sweetener

If you love flavored creamers, you can include a little sweetener to enhance the taste. There are many sweeteners to choose from. If you prefer natural sweetener, you can use brown sugar, white sugar, or honey. If you want artificial one, there are several available in the market.

2. Add the flavor of your choice

When the base and the sweetener are ready, the next thing is to add a flavor to make a custom creamer that everyone will love. Any flavor will work perfectly so, feel free to try any of your choices. Some popular flavors include hazelnut, cinnamon, vanilla, mocha, etc.

When selecting flavors, ensure that you pick the one with high-quality extracts because it will produce the best results. Also, ensure that ingredients you’re using are of high-quality.

3. Make your creamer

It’s recommended to make your creamer the night before using it. This will make it fresh, chilled, and ready for the next morning.

  • Add two cup of milk of your choice into a small pot on your stove.
  • Add the sweetener about one or two tablespoons will be Ok.
  • Include the flavor. The amount you add will basically depend on your flavoring taste. Therefore, you can experiment not to add too much or too little.
  • Introduce the mixture to the simmer on the stove. Constantly whisk it to make sure that all the ingredients mix well.
  • When you see the creamer steaming slowly, remove it from the heat.
  • Allow the creamer to cool and put it in the refrigerator overnight.
  • You can go ahead and serve it with your best cup of coffee in the morning.
  • As you can see, making a homemade coffee creamer is very easy. With these easy to follow steps, you can relax and say goodbye to shopping for it.

Non-dairy creamers

The last type of coffee creamer is the Non-dairy creamer. Non-dairy means no natural products. Some of these products I’ll describe below.

Store-bought creamer

You’ll find some creamers sold in several grocery stores. Some of them are;

  • International Delight
  • Coffee-mate

They come in various flavors like hazelnut, vanilla, Irish cream, etc. You can test any you want and select the one that will taste good.

Other Non-Dairy Creamers

Other creamers help to lose weight but also add a creamy taste to your cup of coffee. Some of them you’d equate them with half and half creamer because they’re heavy and thick. Some of these creamers include;

  • Soy milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Almond milk
  • Cashew milk

Basically, they’re made from coconuts and almonds. They’re a perfect choice for people who are lactose intolerant. Actually, they’re healthier than dairy-based choice.

Bailey’s Irish Cream

If you like an alcohol taste, adding this cream to your drink will offer precisely that. This cream is a cream-based liqueur. It blends completely with coffee providing it an absolutely freakish taste of alcohol. You should control the amount you add to your coffee particularly if you have to drive.

How to make coffee creamer -5 easy  flavors


Was this article helpful? Well, you have a list of cream to choose for your coffee. Ensure that you consider fat and calorie intake so that you don’t add a lot of pounds. You can try different options and select the cream that works for you. Remember not all the cream will work for all the coffee roast. Therefore, experiment so that you’ll understand which type of cream works for a specific type of coffee drink.

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