Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review

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Ninja Specialty Coffee maker brings the coffeehouse home. The model name ” Ninja CM401″. Keep scrolling to read the most HONEST Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review.



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All about Coffee Makers:

Nowadays everyone is in hurry and Now time becomes the most precious and expensive thing. So to manage and save their time everyone needs to get their work done as fast as possible. as most of the peoples start their day with a cup of a coffee and some people wants 2 cups daily even some peoples are too much addictive to coffee so they need 3 cups or more than 3 cups daily. Wasting time in making coffee by hand or using a beater is too much time taking and now become an old fashion.

Now, Coffee makers take place of all of these old fashions and they are also becoming advanced day by day. Adding new features to the coffee machine makes it more modern, helpful, and time-saving. A coffee maker is a machine just you have to add some water, coffee and select what type of coffee you want so just let sit and the machine does the rest of the work. So, here I am also reviewing a coffee maker a popular coffee maker stick with me till the end, and enjoy the Ninja specialty coffee maker review.

Introduction to Ninja:

Firstly, let me introduce to you Ninja Company which make this coffee maker, Ninja is a well-known brand in kitchen appliances and founded by Mark Rosenzweig. Ninja used to make blenders, food processors, cookers, Oven, Indoor grills, coffee and tea makers, and cookware. It also has a brother brand known as SHARK which is used to make home appliances. Ninja makes highly innovative and functional products and grabs a huge market share. Ninja products make people’s lives easier by advancing daily use products.

What makes Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker special?

Ninja specialty coffee maker also Known as Ninja CM401, is a smart coffee brewer and it’s just like a small coffee house at your home and an SCA certified home brewer. Ninja coffee maker is much superior to cheap brands. If, we discuss some of its features are this coffee maker can brew 4 different styles of coffee Classic, rich, over ice, and Specialty concentrated Coffee. Ninja specialty Coffee maker can be used in all seasons not only in winter you can also enjoy cold and over ice coffee in summer. The coffee maker can brew in 6 different sizes single cup, XL single cup, travel mug, XL travel Mug, half carafe, and full carafe these different sizes help make a single cup to the full carafe of your own choice.

Besides these features, it also has a stay warm feature which is basically a warming plate under your carafe. it helps your coffee to stay warm and fresh for 2 hours after a 2hrs  auto shutdown. It also comes with an integrated smart scope that measures how much coffee to be added as brewing size wisely as guided in the manual its help to get a better taste.

You can also take its fold-away frother out and make cold or hot milk froth easily. It also has a feature if you were just ready to brew your coffee but, want to delay it due to some emergency or work so you can use the delay brew button. The coffee maker sometimes has a problem with cleaning. It is not easy to clean properly a coffee maker however, this ninja specialty coffee maker has a clean button that assists you little in cleaning.

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Ninja CM401 vs Ninja CM407

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Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Features & Benefits

4 Brew Styles

Classic and Rich Brew

Classic & Rich Brew

The classic brew is what we call a “Balanced” flavor, while the Rich brew is a perfect start to your morning with an intense taste.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

For Iced Coffee Lovers to brew fresh over ice for delicious & flavorful ice coffee.

Ninja Specialty Specialty Brew

Specialty Brew

To make delicious cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and other coffeehouse-style drinks you can you Brew super-rich coffee concentrate to have a Good day.


Benefits of Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

6 Brew Sizes

Come with different Brew sizes for those who don’t like coffee a lot can choose a single cup, and XL single cup for those who are obsessed with having coffee, also comes with a travel mug, XL travel mug, half carafe, & full carafe.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Frother

Fold-Away Frother

Tired of looking for silky froth? Ninja’s Specialty Coffee Maker can easily transform hot or cold milk into a silky froth in less than seconds, it has a built-in frother.

No Pods Coffee Maker

No Pods Required

Don’t you worry about varieties and customized brew, No Pods Required means Pod-Free also reduces plastic waste.

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What is the specialty coffee feature?

Coffee is a drink which comes in different styles and different peoples likes different styles of coffee. As, some people like cold coffee, some people like rich coffee, and some people like classic, etc. like these there is also an espresso coffee which is liked by most people. But, to make espresso coffee there is a separate machine that is used to make espresso coffee it is not easy to make espresso coffee because espresso coffee seems like a pressurized coffee yes it is made in a pressurized chamber. So, to make an espresso coffee a certain pressure or a certain pressurized chamber is required. So, to make a closer coffee to espresso coffee ninja introduces a specialty coffee feature for espresso lovers. It is not the same as espresso but, it is somewhere near to espresso.

What are these different brewing sizes?

Nowadays if you get a coffee maker so you want to save your time. So, to overcome your problems and save your time ninja introduces different brewing sizes so you have to just put your cup or carafe under it and select brewing size let you sit and the machine does it work.

Ninja Smart Scoop.

It’s a bit difficult to put the best amount of coffee in the filter and sometimes guesswork ruined your coffee taste. so, ninja comes up with its smart scoop which much helps you in putting in the best amount of coffee. ninja smart scoop has a lot of marking on it which ensures you get the best amount of coffee and taste. Ninja also included recipes in the manual and you get quite familiar with it after using it for some time.

 What is a Permanent filter?

Not only this one has a permanent filter we also see several more coffee makers/Brewers with permanent filter. but, all those have a cheap quality of the filter and they are a bit difficult to clean and they generally not fit for the purpose. that is not in the ninja coffee maker case because it has a good design and good quality of filter which captures all of the coffee oils. this coffee maker didn’t require a filter paper however, you can use a paper filter if you want its totally depend upon you.

Does the cleaning of this coffee maker is a big Job?

Cleaning is also important and a tricky task. You have to clean your coffee maker so it will perform well and long-lasting. So, it has a clean button which descales all your liquid in the machine but, it didn’t do all of the cleaning work. so, you can put a liquid soap or vinegar with hot water and then descale it. don’t forget to put a carafe below and descale all of the liquid then descale one more time with just water so it will descale liquid soap or any other solution if left in the water tank if there is a solution left in it so it will effect on your flavor of the coffee.

For More detailed cleaning guide follow our how to clean a ninja coffee maker: cleaning guide

Is Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker worth buying?

The final question is raised is it worth buying this coffee maker. So, if you first look at the feature side so it has a good range of features it has a different brewing size which I explain above. it also has different brewing styles which you can brew on your preferences.

The most important feature in it is not highlighted or didn’t seem important. Still, it is really in a vital element, staying warm. It’s an essential feature because if you brew a coffee and after a little bit it gets cold or gets tasteless. To maintain its taste and freshness ninja specialty coffee maker has stay warm feature. The stay warm feature is automatically turn on when you start brewing there is a stay warm button which you can use to manually turn off stay warm feature. stay warm feature is basically a warming plate under your carafe which keeps your coffee hot and flavorful for 2 hours.  I have also mentioned the cleaning guide and the important part which makes you buy is it built-in fold away frother which is used to make forth of your cold or warm milk.

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If you’re a Coffee lover you must buy it

When I figured out that most of the people are looking for a specialty coffee maker that must have different brew styles I just researched and found the wrote this honest Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review. Not only the specific type of coffee lovers like this machine, but Probably all types of coffee lovers from classic to cappuccino should also love this coffee maker. Finally, the main question of which you guys are waiting is it worth it to spend on it, so answer in short, is yes. Because, if you check from the feature side so it has enough then if you check from coffee brewing style so it has 4 different styles that are also good and it also can be used in different seasons and its different brewing sizes are much helpful.

Can this machine also make Espresso Coffee?

It’s not made under pressure or pressurized coffee so that’s why we can’t say it can make actual Espresso Coffee. but, the “specialty” mode that makes this coffee maker special can make you a drink that really TASTES like espresso or near to an espresso coffee, I swear I’ve tried I’m loving it already.

Can you use it under a wall cabinet?

Yes I have mine under a kitchen cabinet in my coffeehouse home & I love it, don’t worry about its kinda big size, you can use it under a wall cabinet.

What about its built quality?

Quality is an important part of any product if we talk about ninja product quality so ninjas products are superb. this ninja, specialty coffee maker is a machine that you are going to use for the long term without any issue. There are, however, some people who run into trouble related to ninja product so from what we heard is ninja is great when it comes to replacing any faulty unit(probably there are a few). This isn’t like those cheap products which you are throwing away after a short time.

There are some parts where build quality is an issue like from price tag it’s an affordable machine so ninja does not give you the fancy quality. On the other hand, it’s far better than some cheap machines. One more thing is where you have to compromise to get a good cup of coffee is its creeping noise of the coffee maker its a bit loud and become annoying in the morning. however, it’s bearable to get a tasty coffee cup. Overall, this coffee maker comes with a black and stainless steel build.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker qualities mentioned by customers

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean 
  • Highly recommend 
  • Single-cup
  • water reservoir
  • Iced coffee 
  • Great coffee 
  • Makes great 
  • Love this coffee 
  • Milk frother 
  • Full carafe
  •  Absolutely love

Top Customer Reviews about Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker on Amazon


After, going through the whole Ninja specialty coffee maker review. I Hope, you get enough knowledge about coffee maker like it uses and advantages. And, especially you get to know about Ninja specialty coffee maker in detail. In this ninja specialty coffee maker review, I have explained to you from product description to FAQs. Most importantly, the main problem is of cleaning it is discussed above and the uses of different brewing sizes are discussed above all the necessary information you need before buying a product is mentioned above.

In conclusion, and my final verdict about this coffee maker “Ninja CM401” is it a small coffee bar at your house at a reasonable price with the great build quality and deliver you the best flavor it can. Buying this coffee maker will assist and help you much because of its features which make you feel calm you can make any type of coffee with different brewing sizes as I mention above without any Hassle. I hope, you like our this ninja specialty coffee maker review, and waiting for more!

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