Moccamaster Cup One Review

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Moccamaster Cup One Review

Want a single cup coffee maker? or finding a single cup coffee maker. So check this moccamaster cup one review and stick with me till the end. hope so you will find your best single cup, coffee maker.

Do you know about technivorm which makes this Moccamaster cup one coffee maker? If not so let me first introduce you to technivorm.

About Technivorm

Technivorm is a Netherland based company that manufactures premium quality moccamaster coffeemakers and grinders. All technivorm products are certified and strictly follow the given guideline from the European coffee brewer center (ECBC) and Specialty coffee association (SCA). The technivorm company is founded by Gerard Clement Smit in the Netherlands in 1964. Technivorm each coffee maker is tested in a live situation. All of the technivorm products are built using only the finest material available.

Moccamaster One Cup Coffee brewer

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moccamaster one cup coffee brewer is a single-cup pod free coffee maker and an easy to use coffee brewer. This coffee maker is a one-button operated machine. This coffee maker takes around 4 min to brew a single cup of coffee and it has a unique copper boiling element that rapidly heats the water and controls the brewing temperatures.

Features and Technical Specification

Moccamster cup one is a very simple machine and did not have that many features. But, the feature it has and its technical specifications are good enough to call it a good coffee brewer. Some of its features and technical specs are highlighted below.

Easy to use

As people buying this machine for a single person and some are buying this as their first coffee brewer. So, all of those who are buying this as their first coffee maker definitely want a coffee maker which is easy to use. so this one is very easy to use didn’t have many settings to do with.

One Button operation

As above I tell you it is easy to use the machine so at the same time it is also a one-button operated machine which means it didn’t have much to do with the button. You can start your brewing your cup with just a click of one button.

Unique Copper boiling element

unique copper boiling element Which rapidly heats water and control brewing temperature between 196 degrees to 206 degrees Fahrenheit which is important for full coffee extraction and flavor. After the water reservoir is empty then, the unique copper boiling element automatically switches off.


If we talk about Moccamaster one cup performance. so, we have some highlighted points which we define below from which you will get an overall Moccamaster cup one review from the performance side.

Brewing time

Moccamaster cup one is a single cup coffee maker. So, it brews a 10 oz coffee cup in 4 minutes. which is quite enough for a coffee brewer to make a good flavorful cup of coffee. Maybe some people say it a little bit time-consuming but it is not. generally, a machine that gives you a hot and flavorful coffee needs at least some time to give you its best.


Moccamaster cup one is a flavorful coffee maker. As it only makes a single cup of coffee so it has a huge room so it can give you the best flavor full of extraction of coffee. didn’t have much flavor to brew but one at its best and it’s enough for a regular coffee brewer.


Moccamaster one cup has a unique copper boiling element which heats it and let it between 196 to 206 degree Fahrenheit. As coffee is a hot drink so everyone wants a hot cup at the best temperature and for coffee extraction high temps are also required.


This Moccamaster one cup didn’t make any kind of noise its a very quiet brewer. but, as a machine maybe it produces a little bit of noise which almost every machine produces and it is bearable.

Build Quality

Build quality is also an important factor in machines. If we talk about moccamaster cup one coffee maker so it didn’t have cheap material or cheap build. It is made up of high-quality material. As I told you above about technivorm so technivorm make certified grade products. This coffee maker is made up of BPA/BPS/BPF and phthalate-free plastics which is good for a food-grade machine. This coffee maker didn’t only made up of plastic it also has some aluminum part. Moccamaster one cup is a compact machine but it is an extremely powerful machine that gives you top-quality performance.

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Buy Moccamaster Cup One

Is It worth buying?

Moccamaster one cup is worth buying a machine. Because it brews high-end coffee at the perfect brewing temperature. This coffee maker is designed to brew high-quality coffee. At the same time, it is also compact in design with extremely powerful and gives you top performance. Also, I tell you above in build quality that technivorm moccamaster products are made with safer materials which are important. All of these factors make it worth buying. From the price side, it is expensive but it will give you the value of the money you spend on it, in short, is a value to money product. and you have a backup of 5 years from manufactures.

Technivorm Moccamaster Cup One Coffee Brewer, 10 oz, Matte Black

Moccamaster One cup is good for?

If you are thinking is moccamaster is good for me or should I buy it or not. Let me clear you in this if you are looking for only a single cup coffee maker. So, definitely a moccamaster single Cup is the best choice for you because it has all necessities which make it to the top in a single-cup brewer list. If you are a single person or living alone and want a coffee maker to help you with your coffee and only needs one cup so Moccamaster one cup is definitely a good choice for you.


Moccamaster One cup is not good for?

If you are looking to buy a coffee maker? and want a coffee maker for a couple of peoples or family. So didn’t go with moccamaster cup one or any single cup coffee brewer. Because it can’t fulfill your requirement if you brew cup one by one it takes more which is not worth or suitable. If you are a guy or any person wants different flavors of coffee from one machine so this moccamaster one cup brewer is not good for you.

Some FAQs

below we are mentioning some frequently asked questions of moccamaster cup one.

What is the capacity of Moccamaster cup one?

Moccamaster Cup one is a single Cup coffee maker it has a 10oz brewing capacity.

What type of filter Moccamaster one cup use?

This coffee maker didn’t use a K-cups filter. This coffee maker uses simply a cone-shaped #1 filter.

What Moccamaster Cup one has in its box?

The box has Moccamaster cup one Machine, 80 pieces of #1 filters, a coffee scope, and a cup for your coffee.


At the last, In this moccamaster cup one review, we have discussed a lot. Hope so this moccamaster one cup review would help you a lot and assists you in your buying decision. We have covered more or less everything we get to know about moccamaster and give our best. Hope so you guys like our moccamaster one cup review. Tell us about your opinion in the comment.

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  1. We have found the lack of flow control to be disqualifying, were we to do it again. The grind requirement is exacting–a little too fine, and the basket backs up and doesn’t drip at all; a little too coarse, and the coffee is watery. Overall, too must waste to justify the price.

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