Keurig Mini vs Mini plus: Review and Comparsion

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Keurig Mini vs Mini plus

Keurig Mini Vs Mini plus, making the decision between these two may be tough, we are reviewing and comparing Keurig Mini vs Mini plus. You will get to know much about both Keurig products. By going through this article you will definitely make your purchase decision worthy and easy.

First, We are discussing similarities of both after we head towards differences.

Keurig K Mini Vs K Mini plus


Keurig company is doing such a great job in coffee makers. It is one of the top coffee makers company. Keurig Mini is also one of the favorite product for coffee lovers. K mini and mini plus both are Single serve coffee maker with a very slim build. They both can brew you a single cup from 6 to 12oz with Keurig K cups pods. Keurig K-cups pods are specially designed pods for Keurig products. Keurig Mini and mini plus are famous single serve coffee brewer with good reviews.


Keurig Mini Features

Keurig mini and mini plus both have some common and same features which we are discussing here.

Brew Size

As Keurig mini and mini plus both are the single cups, coffee maker. So they can brew a perfect amount of coffee cup size between 6 to 12oz. you can also add a 7.0 inches tall travel mug by removing the removable drip tray and it can also help you in the cleanup.

One Cup Reservoir

Keurig Mini and mini plus come with one cup water reservoir. So you can pour fresh water for every brew.

Fast and Fresh

The coffee K mini and k mini plus brew is fast and fresh. In minutes you will get your hot and fresh coffee.


K cups are Keurig coffee pods. K mini and k mini plus both are compatible with Keurig k-cups pods. Also have compatible with my K-CUP universal reusable coffee filter: Which helps you to brew your own grounded coffee.

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Machine Size

One more unique point of k mini and k mini plus is both of them are very slim and small. less than 5 inches wide perfect for small places and can be fit anywhere. They also have cord storage for tidy countertops and for carrying it.

Energy Efficient

Both Keurig model mini and mini plus are Energy efficient. they have an auto-off feature that turns off your coffee maker 90 seconds after your last brew which helps you in saving energy.

Brew Quality

The brew Quality of both machines is excellent. With the help of K-cups pods, they will give you the perfect taste at the perfect temperature. Both have the capability to brew a perfect classic cup. but, Keurig Mini plus have the advantage of a strong brew.

Ease Of Use

Both machines are very easy to use. didn’t have many buttons to do with one-touch operations. Just you have to insert K-cups pods and freshwater each time then place your mug and get a perfect brew.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance is a big task for many coffee makers. but for Keurig mini and mini plus cleaning and maintenance is not a big job you can use a full travel mug to clean it from inside and brew out all the trash inside. As well single-serve coffee makers didn’t required much maintenance just require a good clean after some time. Keurig Mini didn’t have much removable parts as compared to the mini plus. k mini plus is easier to clean due to its removable water reservoir.

Build Quality

Build quality is a very important question. If we talk about K mini and mini plus build quality both are the same in the build. Keurig mini and mini plus both have a slim design. From looks, both machines look modern and from specification, they are very simple and easy to use. Mini and mini plus is available in various colors in the market in matte Finish. The most build of K mini and mini plus is of plastic. The finishing of the machine is amazing and it is very slim and consumes less space.

Keurig K mini vs K mini plus

Now let, we talk about it differentiates and compares both of the models.


Keurig Mini vs Mini plus

Buy K-Mini  Buy K-Mini Plus

The main difference between them is of some features. From build to brewing style everything is the same. Some features Like

Removable water reservoir

Keurig Mini plus have a removable water reservoir that is easy to clean and easy to refill.

Chrome drip tray

The only build and looks difference is It has a chrome linin drip tray. Which differentiates it from Keurig mini and gives you a little extra premium look.

Storage Capacity up-to 9 K-cups pods

Keurig Mini plus have a capacity to store up to 9 K-cups coffee pods. which is good you can secure up to 9 pods in the brewer and it’s easy to get when brewing coffee.

Strong brew button

Last but not least, The major difference between Keurig mini and mini plus is Keurig Mini plus have an option to brew you a strong coffee. It is good for those people who like to drink strong brews. You can brew both classic and strong from Keurig mini plus.

These things are the plus point for K mini plus and missing from K mini.

Pros And Cons

Keurig Mini

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Buy Keurig K-Mini

Keurig Mini Plus

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Buy Keurig K-Mini Plus

Which One Should you Buy?

As both models are well discussed above Hope so you get to know well both. Now if you are going to buy a coffee maker and making choice between Keurig Mini and mini plus. So, just first go through your requirement if your requirement matches with Keurig Mini so get a Keurig mini yourself. Or if your requirement matches which Keurig mini plus so get you a Mini plus you have to pay a little extra for Keurig mini plus but it will surely worth spending on it. As well I will suggest you if you are buying a single-serve coffee maker So buy a Keurig mini plus. Because it will give you more satisfaction because it has extra features and spending an extra amount on it is worth it. And you just have to pay a little extra. the prices of both don’t have much difference.




We are mentioning here some frequently asked questions about Keurig Mini and Mini plus.

Does Keurig Mini and Mini Plus is Travel Mug Friendly?

Yes, Keurig Mini and mini plus both are travel Mug friendly. Removable Drip tray accommodates travel mug up to 7 inches tall.

Does Keurig Mini also have a Removable Water Reservoir?

No, Keurig Mini doesn’t have a Removable Water Reservoir. Instead, Keurig Mini plus have a removable water Reservoir.

How many pods do these brewers Store up to?

Keurig Mini has storage of 7 K-cups pods and Keurig Mini plus has storage of up to 9 K-Cups Pods.

Do K mini and mini plus have adjustable Brewing Sizes?

Yes, You can brew between 6 to 12oz depend upon how much water you add to the water reservoir.

Do they Automatically Shut off?

Yes, Both of them automatically Shuts off after 90 seconds of your last Brew.

What Type of Pods they both use?

Both use Only K-cups pods. You can’t use K-carafe, K-Mug pods, etc with these coffee makers.

Final Verdict

Hope so you get through this whole thing and make yourself a good decision. Making a good decision for yourself is not an easy job hope so this article helps you. Let me clear you why I select a Keurig product or specially Keurig mini and mini plus? because Keurig is one of the best companies in coffee makers so I decided to go with a top brand and in search of a coffee maker I get a Keurig mini and mini plus both are a very perfect product for the single-serve coffee maker list and they are also pocket-friendly product. in this article, I also covered a lot about both model and hope so it will make your buying decision easy. Hope so you like this article and Keurig mini and mini plus.

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