July 23, 2021

Best Coffee Makers for college students 2021

A few days ago one of my friends is surfing to find the best coffee maker for it college times. But, he could not found it easily. So here I thought why not help my more friend who suffers from the same problem. So here I am mentioning some of the best coffee makers for college students which will help you to find your best one.

Are you a college student? For sure if you are here you are a college student and looking for a coffee maker which provides you with the best cup to kick start your day. So you are one of the coffee lovers just attach with us till the end and check out our listed coffee maker that we have selected for you (college students) hope so you select one of these.

Why a college student needs a coffee maker?

A college student needs a coffee maker because he/she required a cup of coffee to start their day. Making coffee manually nowadays is not a good option and its time consuming too. So, to secure their time to take their classes at the time whether it is online or offline they required a coffee maker. Also, some student is living in the hostel so they did not have enough space to carry many crockeries so to make coffee they also need a coffee maker.

which coffee machine is suitable for college students?

The best coffee machine for a college student is the one that is budget-friendly (being a student you have a limited budget), easy to use (Having typical options that can confuse you), occupy less space (Some time students have a small room or having accommodation in the hostel), convenient and fast (for getting a quick cup). We have listed the brewers in keeping these aspects in our mind.

We have figured out multiple types of coffee brewers for you. So, You can select one which can match best with your requirements. (We didn’t list them performance-wise they are just listed as they come)

1.Mr. Coffee 2129512

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Mr coffee 2129512 is a budget-friendly drip coffee machine that has the capacity to brew 5 cups (up to 25oz). It is easy to use a brewer with an on/off button with an indicator. This brewer has a compact design and it is best for small spaces. Its carafe has easy handling and has ounce marking for easy measurements. You can also take your cup from this brewer between brewing. lift and clean coffee beans basket is also there for easy cleanup. As a college student, it can give you a good utility like it is easy to use, Budget-friendly, best for 2 cups, Easy pouring and Have the ability to brew up to 5 cups so you can brew cups for your friends/roommates too.

2.Hamilton Beach HDC200B Single

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Hamilton beach HDC200B is one of the simplest brewers. It is a simple and one-touch operated machine. Specially designed for one cup of coffee or tea pods. It has fast brew timing can brew an 8oz cup in less than 3 minutes. Automatically shuts off after brewing completed. The power button has a light that glows when the brewer is on. It is an ideal brewer for a student who is looking for a simple and fast brewer.

3.Hamilton 49974 FlexBrew

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Hamilton 49974 FlexBrew is a single-serve coffee maker which can brew you a coffee on your own grounds (Grounds basket is included) or with K-Cups. It can brew up to 14 ounces of a great-tasting coffee cup in about 3 minutes. You can easily use a travel mug or your favorite mug with it. It is an easy to clean and energy-saving machine which has an auto-off feature to save electricity. One more good thing about this coffee maker it is recommended coffee maker for college students by its brand. This coffee maker is one of the best choices for a college student who prefers hot, fresh, and good-tasting coffee as it is also easy to use and you can also use your desired grounds and cup with it.

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4.Ninja CE251

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Ninja CE251 is a 12 cup drip coffee maker. It can brew a flavorful and never bitter cup of classic or Rich coffee with custom brewing strengths. Ninja CE251 uses hotter brewing technology for a cup at the perfect temperature. It has 24hr programmable delay option which can help you to prepare your brew in a day advance. The adjustable warming plate keeps coffee flavorful and hot for up to 4 hours. Its water reservoir is removable which is convenient for refilling and has a capacity of up to 60 ounces. If we discuss a little bit of its build so it is of plastic and it is a little large size brewer which requires more space than single-serve brewers. This is a perfect option for those students who like to have a brewer with multiple brewing options and features and also have space to place it.

5.Keurig K Mini or K Mini Plus

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Keurig is one of the best brands in the coffee makers. Keurig K mini and mini plus both are the best and famous brewer of the Keurig family. K mini is a single cup coffee maker that uses K-Cups. It can brew cups between 6oz -12oz. One cup reservoir adds fresh water every time. It gives you fast and fresh coffee in minutes. Slim and slick design for easy carrying and placing fits everywhere because it is less than 5 inches wide. it can also accommodate a travel mug up to 7.0 inches and have an easy clean-up option. Also, it is an energy-efficient coffee maker as it has auto-off features which turn off the brewer after 90 seconds of the last brew done. It is the best brewer for a college student as it is very compact and easy to use. I recommended this brewer to those who have some extra budget to spend. You can also check out K mini plus it has a little bit more options from K Mini. You can also check the detailed comparison and features of both from here.


In this article, you see a small list of brewer which are the best coffee makers for college students. We have tried our best and try to list the best coffee makers for you. Hope so you like this list and get assistance in getting your best brewer for your college times. Be careful when using a brewer and handling hot coffee. We wish you a happy learning. If you have any other brewer you use in your college times or using and found it best so please share with us in comment sections.

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